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Lake Protection

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Geneva Lake and Pier

Questions about Geneva Lake Management Plan? 

Geneva Lake Management Plan

Geneva Lake Conservancy is collaborating with SEWRPC, the Geneva Lake Environmental Agency, Walworth County Land Use and Resource Management Department, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the Geneva Lake Association as well as community residents and other interested stakeholders to update the Geneva Lake Management Plan.

The Geneva Lake Management Plan was updated last in 2008. Significant changes have taken place since that time related to use of and recreation on Geneva Lake including: 

  • Increasing development and piers

  • Heavier rain events damaging tributaries

  • Entry of more invasive species

  • Increased boating and heavier boats eroding shorelines 

A scope of work has been developed to update the plan addressing four key tasks: 

  • Update in-lake data sets and evaluate meaning and implications

  • Quantify stakeholder perceptions, needs, desires and aspirations and foster cooperation

  • Inventory watershed conditions and examine its influence on lake health 

  • Publish revised lake management plan


Healthy Lakes & Rivers

The Healthy Lakes and Rivers Program strives to protect and restore the health of Wisconsin lakes.

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1. Do Your Part To Maintain a Healthy Shoreline 

2. Work With An Expert & Apply For a Grant

Healthy Lakes Testimonial

"It has been a pleasure for the Buena Vista club to work with GLC on the healthy lakes program in supporting our ongoing efforts to beautify and sustain our shore path landscaping for our HOA. Before we got involved with GLC we had no idea there was funding available to help restore and sustain the gardens along our lakefront. GLC was informative and a great advocate for our needs."


-Steve Smith on the board of the Buena Vista Club

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