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Land Protection

From lakefront property to wetlands, forests and farms, the land in Walworth County has exceptional value for its scenic beauty, its wildlife habitat and its importance to the health of our lakes and streams.  The Geneva Lake Conservancy has 40 years of experience in helping landowners to preserve their property.  Working with the Geneva Lake Conservancy, we can help you select the right land protection tool to protect your property. 

Land Donation

Giving your land to the Geneva Lake Conservancy is the most direct way to protect it.  If accepted by our board of directors, your land will become part of our permanent holdings and will bear the name of your choice.  The donor is usually entitled to an income tax deduction for the value of the property.

Land given to the Conservancy for permanent ownership is managed for multiple conservation benefits, including wildlife habitat, watershed protection recreation, scenery and natural area preservation.

Land Conservation Testimonial

“What a wonderful organization! The Geneva Lake Conservancy shares the same goals and philosophy that our family believes in —always protect the farmland. It gives me great peace of mind to know that the land will remain preserved from subdivision and destruction of it's conservation features and natural beauty.”


- Elena Spiegelhoff - Sunshine Acres


Private Conservancy

The Conservancy owns four properties that are not open to the public. If you would like to have a guided tour, please contact the Conservancy.

“Conservation must not fail for too much of our native landscape has already been thoughtlessly destroyed . . . it is our sacred duty to preserve what is left for future generations.”

 –Jens Jensen, landscape architect

Contact Us To Schedule a Tour of A Private Preserve 

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